​a business can grow without integrity, but it can't survive. A company is its people. Build integrity into your people, and you build a company based on integrity.


At RGI International, we've taken our collective experience to create our own methodology to bring exceptional leadership skills to your company.


Companies excel when its leaders organize around the goals, objectives and strategies. Companies that win also have leaders who inspire others to do the same.

"We went through the Oral Presentation course, and it was definitely focused on our firm's technical and engineering needs. RGI recorded every person's talk and offered one-on-one feedback. The methods they gave us have really made a difference. We're now confident when we present to our clients."


CTEL Leadership Core competencies


Competitive technical environments require innovation at every level and leaders who inspire it. when all things are equal in the competitive bid, innovation will win the day.


To help your company develop exceptional leaders in the technical, engineering, and architectural fields. 

What our clients think


We know that success in your field comes from leaders that focus on your business. That's why we've designed all CTEL courses for specific fields.


Speaking, writing, and interpersonal interaction form the foundation of great leaders. The greatest ideas will go unnoticed if communicated poorly. The best plans will never be built if no one can understand the proposal.

Center for Technical and Engineering Leadership

Bringing CTEL expertise to everyone.
  • 2004 -RGI International begins research
  • 2005 - Business plan developed
  • 2006-10 R&D for courses conducted
  • 2011- Core competencies developed
  • 2012-1-15 Courses completed. CTEL launched!